Clinamina – Audiovisual Improvisation Encounter, National Library of Buenos Aires

On Thursday, October 10, 2019 at 6:00 p.m., four Argentine artists will hold an audiovisual improvisation encounter at the Mirador de la Memoria, Plaza del Lector Rayuela, Mariano Moreno National Library of Buenos Aires. The objective of the meeting is to present a variety of artistic expressions based on the processing of the image and sound generated in real time, characteristic of the summoned artists.

In audiovisual work, construction is the result of a formulated exploration. When working with the fourth dimension, improvising is to construct from the future. There is no experimentation, they are mere manifestations of experiences. Clinamina is an encounter that openly exposes the place from where artists transit the variation from their own work environment. Operating the informal in their instruments in real time, when dispersed through space they produce a variety of arguments in the form of image and sound.

Among the participants of the meeting we have the honor of presenting the artists Francisco Ali-Brouchoud, Eduardo Imasaka, Pablo Reche and Diego Scagni.

The encounter is produced in collaboration with the National Library of Argentina and IFUCUF, a multimedia publisher. IFUCUF acts as a digital curatorial platform that produces limited edition releases of audiovisual works, specialized in performance and installation.


Francisco Ali-Brouchoud is a visual artist, sonorous, and writer. Since 1981 he has been working in experimental and intermediate projects. He has exhibited his work, among other places, at the MALBA, the Recoleta Cultural Center and the San Telmo Museum (San Sebastián), and performed concerts in Buenos Aires, Santiago, Rio de Janeiro, Sao Paulo and Brussels, among other cities.

Eduardo Imasaka works in various formats such as drawing, painting, digital media, installations and performance. His works include deep research in the fields of sound art and image generated by programming and robotics procedures. He has presented his work in MNBA, MAMBA, CCGSM, CCCB, MMBA J B Castagnino, CentoeQuatro, BH.

Pablo Reche, Argentine sound artist. Uses noise as his main aesthetic-expressive element. He has played the main stages of Argentina and different countries and events (Sónar Festival, LEM, Observatori Festival, Mutek Festival) and his music has been released on labels from around the world (Gracia Territori Sonor, Testinground, ConV, Crónica Electrónica, Impulsive Habitat )

Diego Scagni is an audiovisual artist from Buenos Aires. He uses mixed techniques to generate compositions through films intervened with collages. His works were part of exhibitions, performances, talks and presentations, in the National Library of Buenos Aires, Sónar Buenos Aires and Barcelona, and Mutek Buenos Aires.


Date: Thursday October 10 6 p.m. to 9 p.m.

Address: Mirador de la Memoria, Plaza del Lector Rayuela, Mariano Moreno National Library, Av. Las Heras and Agüero

Clinamina Audiovisual Encounter 2019 is free and open to the general public.




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